Autism and Learning: A Guide to Good Practice


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Autism is a complex and often puzzling disorder in which pinning down a set of rules surrounding the teaching of children with it is almost impossible to do. Many theories and approaches claim to have the solution to teaching, yet few provide the answers when an autistic child goes against the status quo.

This classic book addresses this problem with a principled approach that is based on the understanding of the pedagogy and psychology of autism. It shows how theory can influence practice and sets out a cognitive view of the relationship between learning and autism whilst explaining how the curriculum must be constructed to accommodate that relationship. The book also sets out principles of pedagogy and illustrates their application.

Written by practitioners experienced in teaching children with autism, the book covers examples of good practice in the most salient areas of the curriculum including:

  • Developing play
  • Group work
  • Science
  • Dance and drama
  • ICT
  • Assessment
  • Communication
  • Outdoor learning

Now with an updated preface from internationally renowned editors, this classic text should be on the bookshelves of all practitioners working with autistic children.

Table of Contents:

Preface for this special edition

  1. Rationale for the approach Stuart Powell and Rita Jordan
  2. Translating theory into practice Rita Jordan and Stuart Powell
  3. Developing and using play in the curriculum Rita Jordan and Sarah Libby
  4. Beyond compliance: The importance of group work in the education of children and young people with autism Margaret M. Golding
  5. The teaching of science Pam Maddock
  6. Dance and drama Stephanie Lord
  7. Autism and Information Technology: therapy with computers Dinah K. C. Murray
  8. Assessment Staff at the Helen Allison School (NAS), Compiled by Malcolm W. Taylor
  9. Communication Gina Davies
  10. The development of the Outdoor Education Programme at Storm House School Geoff Evans

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