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Sex & Relationships Education


A Visual Programme for Learners with Autism by Fiona Speirs

ISBN: 9781805160298
Author(s) : Fiona Speirs
SKU: 9781805160298

NB: Available Worldwide

A Visual Programme for Learners with Autism by Fiona Speirs

This comprehensive resource by the internationally recognised trainer and author Fiona Speirs consists of a number of PowerPoint presentations (also provided digitally) to be delivered as a complete programme. Facilitator notes relating to the PowerPoint slides are provided along with clearly defined learning aims and outcomes for each section of the programme. Learner worksheets and information sheets are also included and can be collated into individual files for the learners to refer to.

It is the author’s firm belief that we cannot shy away from delivering meaningful sex and relationships education to those at the high-functioning end of the autistic or learning disability spectrum. Providing full and concrete information can help to ensure that learners are given the support that they need to develop healthy and safe relationships with others and to behave in ways that are both socially and lawfully acceptable.

The sessions in this programme deliver information in a visual way to inform learners with regard to the issues detailed below:

  • Thinking about relationships
  • Good friendships
  • Bad friendships
  • Puberty, menstruation, ejaculation & ‘wet dreams
  • Gender & Sexual orientation
  • Attraction, the focus of arousal & Masturbation
  • Personal Space & Differentiating feelings of attraction
  • Sex acts, ‘making love’, ‘having sex’ & staying safe from abuse
  • Social behaviour & UK law: sexual slang & gestures, use of public toilets, sexual offences, sexual harassment & stalking, homophobia & prejudice
  • Healthy Wellbeing: media, pornography & revenge porn, prostitution & human trafficking, FGM, forced marriage, children & UK law, healthy & unhealthy relationships, internet relationships & cyber safety
  • Assessment quiz & learner discussion slides

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