ISBN: 9781936943371

Being Part of a Group Poster


ISBN: 9781936943371
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A group exists whenever two or more people come together. Groups form around a purpose (a class at school, a hiking group) and some groups are more about just “hanging out” in a non-structured social way.

No matter why we come together, being part of a group requires us to be social thinkers. We use our social skills to co-exist in those situations—even when we’re not interacting with the people around us!

To use our social skills well in a group means each of us is sharing space effectively. But what does that actually look like? This user-friendly, helpful poster lays out the four steps of perspective taking that keep us working together as a group, whether at home, at school, or in the community. (These core concepts in teaching Social Thinking are discussed in detail in the book Thinking About You Thinking About Me.)

Social Thinking’s “Being Part of a Group” poster encourages greater awareness of how all people in a group need to be mindful of each other’s presence, intentions, and thoughts. In doing so, students can learn to monitor and possibly modify their own behavior to keep people thinking about them the way they want them to. The poster also provides the opportunity for teachers and parents to talk with students about each person’s responsibility to the larger group.

Dimensions: 24″ width x 36″ height.

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