ISBN: 9781906531584

Attendance Toolkit, The


ISBN: 9781906531584
Author(s) : Catherine Roberts,
SKU: 9781906531584


Tried & tested activities to uncover the core issues behind poor attendance.

Poor attendance is a way of life for some children, a way of coping for many and a genuine problem for others.

Attendance levels can be affected by family issues, poor parenting, behavioural problems or by a specific factors in the classroom, and is linked with disaffection in many forms, as well as underachievement, problems with confidence and poor peer relations.

Practical, creative activities will help gain an insight into the child’s lifestyle and encourage and promote good attendance while helping children to understand the issues that they face.

Contents include: Getting to know me; Thinking about school; Problem solving; Target setting; Resources.

Includes FREE CDRom containing all worksheets and resources.

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