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Author(s) : Ormiston H. Walker
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The Astronomy series has been developed to meet the needs of students who are exploring concepts in astronomy and the night sky. The first book in the two-book series provides a basic understanding of some very important concepts in astronomy. 

Among topics examined in 50 discrete work units are:

  • Constellations, star maps and star recognition
  • The Sun
  • Telescopes, lenses and radio astronomy
  • Scientifific methods and techniques in astronomy
  • The structure of stars
  • The physics and chemistry of light, colour and astronomy
  • Objects beyond our solar system – galaxies, black holes, etc.
  • The origin and possible fate of the universe

Each unit of work is based around a practical activity or experiment that illustrates the concept of astronomy being discussed. Units have a problem solving focus, use clear, unambiguous language and are supported by well-illustrated diagrams and photos. The practical activities themselves are easily prepared and carried out. In order to increase their understanding the students can be encouraged to work co-operatively on the activities by, for example, working as a group to carry out the experiments.

Diverse and easy to use, this resource will develop students’ interest in and passion for astronomy and will provide an extremely useful addition to your science teaching resources.

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