CLQT+: Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test-Plus


The criterion-referenced Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test (CLQT™+) quickly assesses strengths and weaknesses in five cognitive domains, and adds an optional administration path for people with aphasia.

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NB: Only available to clients based in the Republic of Ireland – qualification criteria applies (see qualification code and link below)

Author(s): Dr Nancy Helm-Estabrooks
Publication Year: 2017 (CLQT+); 2001 (CLQT)
Age Range: 18 to 89 years
Administration: 15 to 30 minutes
Qualification Code: B – Click HERE for more details.

The CLQT+ (Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test-Plus) is the updated version of the Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test (CLQT), which was designed by leading neurobehavioral researcher and author, Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, ScD, to assist with assessing strengths and weaknesses in five cognitive domains (Attention, Memory, Executive Functions, Language, and Visuospatial Skills).

The CLQT+ adds an important element–an optional new administration path for people with aphasia. Including one new semantic comprehension task and scoring for several elements within the current tasks.

The CLQT+ gives you:

  • More flexibility in your administration
  • Clearer interpretation for people with aphasia
  • The same foundation for a quick, reliable cognitive assessment at table or bedside
  • An effective tool for English- or Spanish-speaking adults with known or suspected neurological impairment as a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, or dementia

The CLQT+ can be used by:

  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Occupational therapists
  •  Therapists /Neuropsychologists
  • Other qualified professionals interested in a quick measure of cognitive/linguistic status
  • As part of a larger screening/assessment process
  • For intervention planning and progress monitoring

The CLQT+ is particularly suited for several special uses:

  • Progress monitoring–Because of its brief administration time, the CLQT+ may be used at intervals in recovery to show progress. In particular, the Clock Drawing task may be used descriptively as a “mini-screen” of cognitive status–every few days to a week in recovery or at an interval of at least two months with cognitive decline, such as dementia.
  • Driving assessments–Occupational therapists and related professionals may use the CLQT+ as part of a larger assessment process on driving readiness, to quickly assess cognitive skills needed for safe and successful vehicle operation.
  • Competency assessment–Now with the Aphasia Administration, individuals with language impairment/aphasia can show cognitive ability levels apart from a language disorder.
  • Research–In adults with multiple types of neurological impact (e.g., TBI, stroke, neurodegenerative disease), professionals may use the CLQT+ due to its comprehensive focus in connection with its efficient administration time for patients of all severity levels.

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Complete Kit includes: Manual Supplement, CLQT+ Record Forms (25), CLQT+ Stimulus Book, CLQT Examiner's Manual, Response Booklets (25), Symbol Cancellation/Trails Transparencies


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CLQT+ Complete Kit, CLQT+ Record Forms (Pack of 25), CLQT+ Response and Record Forms Combo (Pack of 25)

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CLQT = 2001 / CLQT+ = 2017

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