CELF-5 UK: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (5th Edition)

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The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Fifth Edition (CELF-5 UK) offers a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment that reflects today’s diverse population.

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NB: Only available to clients based in the Republic of Ireland – qualification criteria applies (see qualification code and link below)

Author(s): Elisabeth H Wiig, Wayne Secord, Eleanor Semel
Publication Year: 2017
Age Range: 5 years 0 months to 21 years 11 months
Administration: 30 to 45 minutes for the Core Language Score. Total assessment: variable.
Qualification Code: B – Click HERE for more details.

The CELF-5UK is a comprehensive, UK-normed battery of tests that offers a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment. It provides speech and language professionals with highly accurate diagnostic information with current normative data, reflecting the UK’s diverse population

Features and benefits:

  • New normative data based on the March 2011 UK Census
  • The battery of fourteen stand-alone tests – number administered dependent on age
  • Eleven of the fourteen tests are administered, depending on the student’s age
  • Index language scores: core, receptive, expressive, content, structure and memory
  • Observation Rating Scale for evaluation of language in context
  • Pragmatics Profile and Pragmatic Activities Checklist to assess social communication skills.

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Complete Kit includes: UK Examiners Manual, UK Scoring Manual, Stimulus Book 1, Stimulus Book 2, Record Form 1 (25), Record Form 2 (25) Observation Rating Scale (25), US Technical Manual.


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