Assessing Student Progress


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This kit-in-a-book provides a meaningful serious professional development experience for a team or a study group that wants to examine its marking and assessment practices in order to make improvements – and do this all in its own time and at its own pace without requiring resource persons.  While the directions in the kit assume it is being used by a team or study group, this kit can easily be adapted for use by an individual.

Everything needed to complete the activities and tasks is provided in this resource. You will, however, need to make copies of some items at the time of their use so each member of the team or group will have one.

Each activity is made up of three Rs:

  1. Read and react includes some basic information on a tool or technique.
  2. Action research includes directions for implementing the activity that will provide practice or application of the  tool or technique.
  3. Reflect includes some way to measure your success in using the activity.

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Sandra Shurr & John Lounsbury


56 Pages

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