ISBN: 9781909380479

Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem

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ISBN: 9781909380479


There are two books in this series – one for 5 to 11 year-olds and the older one for 11 to 16 year-olds. Each practical resource is accompanied by its equivalent e-Book on the accompanying CD. To look inside, please select one book from the ‘Choose an Option’ drop-down menu above and then on the ‘Look Inside’ icon.

Book Description:

With this resource, an easy-to-use self-esteem indicator is used to explore a student’s self-esteem, specifically in terms of their sense of self, belonging and personal power. Its key features are that it:

  • Provides a quick and informal assessment
  • Offers a practical facility for reassessment
  • Has age-related, photocopiable activities (also on accompanying CD) designed for individuals and whole classes, with worksheets as appropriate
  • Is an innovative resource
  • Includes four comprehensive example programmes to develop each of the key areas of a sense of self/belonging/personal power and general self-esteem. These are organised into sessions with detailed instructions.

The purpose of this resource is to assess and develop self-esteem and to provide follow-up activities for intervention. Includes teacher guidance and is suitable for group and individual work.

Books in this series:

  • Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem (for ages 5-11)
  • Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem (for ages 11-16)

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Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem 2-Book Set (All Ages), Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem (Ages 5-11), Assessing And Developing Self-Esteem (Ages 11-16)