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With the introduction of the new 2008 AQA ‘A’ Specification Crown House introduced the AS Level Psychology: the student’s textbook (ISBN 9781845900939) in March.

In September comes the AS Level Psychology: the study guide – the practical study guide for students.

Preparing for an exam is often a stressful time for students and it is not the time for learning lots of superfluous material.

The authors have used tried and tested methods that will help students really get to grips with the material they need to know to pass the AS exam.

For some the study guide will be a refresher so the information is punchy and to the point. For some, the study guide will be an excellent ‘damage limitation’ exercise – a last ditch attempt to salvage something before exam time!

This is a guide that will work on all levels and for all students no matter which textbook they’ve used or how they’ve been taught. Includes sample exam questions throughout.


[ISBN: 9781845900939, 150 Pages]

[Authors: Nigel Holt & Rob Lewis;  Age Suitability: All]