ISBN: 9781869684877

Drama Ideas Bank, The


This photocopiable resource book provides teachers who are non-specialists with an accessible introduction to using improvisation and mime with students.


ISBN: 9781869684877
Author(s) : Mary Brooks
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– Brilliant Ideas for Improvisation and Mime

This photocopiable resource book provides teachers who are non-specialists with an accessible introduction to using improvisation and mime with students. The hundreds of one-off ideas in this easy-to-use resource book will help students to develop confidence and basic skills in drama and movement.

Activity Types Include:

  • Building Dialogues
  • Quick Improvisations
  • Improvisations with Individuals, Pairs and Groups
  • Building Characters and Situations
  • Movement and Mime

The pages are designed to be photocopied onto card, laminated and cut into cards and strips so that they can be used again and again. The Drama Ideas Bank is also a valuable resource for teachers who are running the school drama club.

About the Author:

Mary Brooks has taught speech and drama for many years. She is also a published author of short stories and has developed the resource book: A Complete Course in Public Speaking.

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Photocopiable Teacher Resource Book – 48 Pages


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