ISBN: 9781869684358

Art & Design with MS Word


ISBN: 9781869684358
Author(s) : Kim Lazenby,
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Art & Design with MS Word uses an interactive CD-ROM tutorial supported by this book, to teach both students and teachers how to create their own impressive works of computer-generated art. Using widely available software,teachers and students will find it easy to develop a variety of image creation and manipulation skills. They will also be surprised at the quality of the artwork that they are readily able to produce.The skills learned will provide an excellent foundation for working with professional graphics programmes later on. Creating artwork with MS Word is a good place to start as the software is much more widely available and much easier to learn and use.Care is taken to provide high quality examples of artwork – to inspire students,to demonstrate the potential of this medium and to set a high standard.

The idea is to master the tools, be inspired by example, and to free the imagination and creative impulse to produce work that astonishes and astounds. All the artwork in this interactive resource is designed from scratch, without recourse to ready-made clip art or scanned imagery.

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