Anger Control Training



This three-volume training manual addresses the need for a practical and easily accessible guide for professionals working with people presenting with anger problems.

It is intended for use by psychologists, OTs, psychiatric nurses, probation officers, psychiatrists, social workers and teachers.

This training manual offers a wealth of photocopiable material, including client handouts and facilitators guides. The appendices contain materials for role-play and relaxation.

‘Anger Control Training’ is a comprehensive programme using a cognitive-behavioural approach and designed for the professional to help people change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


Volume One Volume Two Volume Three Containing Parts 1 2, this volume Part 3 is the full ACT programme in Part 4 offers additional programmes provides a foundation to the 12, two-hour core sessions with a in the areas of coping with stress, understanding of the course material.

It step-by-step guide for facilitators.

Assertiveness training and enhancing shows how to set up the programme, self-esteem. defines the client group, client selection and use of evaluation measures.


[ISBN: 9780863883347; Wire-o-Bound; 186 Pages]

[Authors: Emma Williams & Rebecca Barlow;  Age Suitability: All]


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