And the Main Thing is… Learning


And the Main Thing is… Learning by Mike Hughes

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In short, this book is about how to make learning the main thing – for pupils and teachers – and argues that the future, in terms of both pedagogy and policy, demands an approach rooted in learning.

More specifically, it suggests that:

  • Everything we do much be based explicitly upon learning
  • Teachers must be learners too
  • We have a professional responsibility to go on learning about learning, because the better we understand learning and the learning process the better able we are to facilitate it in others.

The key question, and the one that this book seeks to address, is whether the strategies and policies that have enabled us to improve teaching and raise standards will be sufficient to help us develop further and promote learning. It is more of the same, or do we need a change of emphasis if we are break through the inevitable plateau of attainment and achievement?

‘And the Main Thing is…Learning’ does not lambast; it does not criticise or destroy; rather it questions, challenges and connects. It looks back and looks forward, consolidating the territory we have gained and providing further bridges for us to cross as we continue the journey from where we are to where we need to go.’
– Paul Ginnis, author of The Teacher’s Toolkit


First and foremost Mike is a teacher having taught in secondary for 18 years, most recently as a secondary Head. Indeed, anyone who has read his books or attended one of training sessions can immediately see that he has spent a considerable amount of time in the classroom. Not surprisingly, he has a widespread reputation for being both practical and realistic.


In addition to teaching, Mike has also found time to:

  • Work in an advisory capacity for Gloucestershire LEA (teaching and learning)
  • Facilitate on the New Visions programme for recently appointed headteachers
  • Work as an NPQH trainer
  • Be a PGCE course leader
  • Train as an Ofsted inspector
  • Write an extensive range of educational publications and resources
  • Provide training and support to a huge number of teachers and schools in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Mike’s work is hugely varied and tailored to fit the needs of the individual school / teacher. Anyone considering working with Mike is invited to contact him to discuss their requirements and explore possibilities.

To give you a flavor of his work…


He works predominantly in three inter-related areas:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Leadership development and leadership for learning
  • Coaching


[ISBN: ETS-9038;  256 Pages]

[Author: Mike Hughes]

[Age Suitability: All]