ISBN: 9781741013993

Alpha To Zulu


ISBN: 9781741013993
Author(s) : Amanda Swaney,
SKU: 9781741013993


Alpha to Zulu: An A to Z of Writing Ideas for the Middle Years is a collection of fresh, engaging ideas to get students started on writing assignments, both poetry and prose. Written for middle years teachers, it is suitable for use with all students but gives particular attention to providing for the needs of adolescents and can be used as extension resources for gifted students. The ideas offer flexibility for both the student and the teacher to adapt and extend from the original concept. With explanations, questions to encourage thinking, and ideas to provoke discussion and exploration, this treasure trove will inspire students to find new ways of expressing their ideas.

Key Points:

• Provides real life examples based on children’s feelings that they can relate to.
• The book is designed to attract the middle years with the use of young vernacular and content.
• Discusses topics such as bullying, rules, friendships, rap music and hobbies.

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