ISBN: 9781760565718

Agile Learner, The


ISBN: 9781760565718
SKU: 9781760565718


Where Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Practice Unite

A Growth Mindset is the understanding that we can change our most basic characteristics such as our talents and abilities. But achieving that Growth requires more than simply the right mindset, it requires the right actions. In The Agile Learner, you’ll discover how to change your students’ mindsets by moving them along the Mindset Continuum. Importantly, you’ll learn how to engage students in the processes and behaviours that achieve growth and the development of new talents.

This ground-breaking book from Australian author and presented James Anderson will show educators, administrators and leaders in both the personal and professional spheres that the only thing standing in the way of success is the way we think. Once you have mastered a Growth Mindset, anything is possible.

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