ISBN: 9781869685324

Advanced Research Skills


ISBN: 9781869685324
Author(s) : Naomi Roche
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Educational Strategies to Build Advances Research Skills
Increasingly in education, the emphasis is to teach real-world skills that will have multiple applications in students’ lives. Advanced Research Skills is intended to support teachers and students in learning progressive research methods and skills that will see them succeed in secondary schooling and beyond into tertiary education and the workplace.
These skills are expected and called upon from late primary school, particularly in the science fields of learning. The basis of research skills are taught in the previous book in this series Research Wise, and in Advanced Research Skills these base skills are taken to the next level of complexity.
There is flexibility in how these activities are taught and instructional notes for each section to assist teachers to introduce students to the activities. The activities can be done as whole class activities (with more teacher support) for those students that are working at a lower level of the curriculum, or individually for those working at a higher level.
Activities have examples, and in the case of more complex ideas, an instructional model and activity for teachers to use with their classes prior to further activities that could be done with less support. A brief glossary of terms is included and is intended to offer support and further information for teachers. In Research Wise a model of the research process in its most simple form was introduced. The progression of skills in Advanced Research Skills can be seen in the diagram below.

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