ISBN: 9780470246719

Strategies For Teaching Adolescents With ADHD


ISBN: 9780470246719
Author(s) : Silvia L. DeRuvo
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Written by an expert in the field of ADHD, this important resource offers strategies to teach adolescents with ADHD across all core content areas: English Language, Arts, Maths, Science and Social Studies. These strategies have been classroom-tested and proven to engage students during content instruction so that they will gain a lasting understanding of the material taught. As students interact with the content – talk, write, draw and create a variety of media in relation to the content – all students, including those with ADHD, will learn the basics necessary for post-secondary education and employment.

This  book provides an insight into the biological and neurological components of ADHD and shows how the disorder manifests in teens academically, socially and behaviourly. The book identifies the markers of ADHD in both girls and boys and explains targeted accomodations that can help them achieve success both in and out of the classroom. While the book offers information that highlights working with ADHD students, the strategies and techniques offered in this book can be used to help all students succeed.

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