Activities to Help Young People to deal with Decisions & Choices



There is real pressure on our young people in modern society – social media, telephones, internet, friendships, peer groups, parents, school demands – and pressure can come in many forms and affect many areas of their lives. When pressure leads to poor choices and decisions this can have undesirable consequences for young people who have so much to manage and juggle at a time of intense physical and emotional change. This book is about helping young people to make informed choices and decisions.

It is intended for use by those working in a variety of settings including schools, alternative education settings, Learning Support Units, Pupil/Student Referral Units, Isolation Units, Exclusion Rooms, youth clubs, community groups and similar settings. The activities can be led by teachers, student support workers, behaviour mentors, pastoral assistants, learning mentors, isolation room leaders and special educational needs staff.

There are 20 Choices and Decision-Making activities that cross the bridge between the pastoral and curriculum aspects of learning.

The activities can be used in PSHE lessons, circle time, one-to-one sessions, small groups and mentoring sessions and include:

  • Friend or foe? – An activity about choosing friends
  • Options – An activity about choosing subject options
  • It’s mine, not yours – An activity about stealing
  • Yes, it is all my own work – An activity about plagiarism

The FREE CD-Rom contains the complete content of the book to allow easy printing of the instructions for running the activity and the accompanying worksheets or they can be photocopied.

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A4, 80 pages, photocopiable