ISBN: 9781949539431

Achieving Equity and Excellence


Empower students, teachers, and administrators to make dramatic improvements in achievement, behavior, and attendance in a single semester. Bring equitable teaching practices and active learning strategies into the classroom. Improve learning outcomes for students in high-poverty schools and poor socioeconomic backgrounds.

ISBN: 9781949539431
Author(s) : Douglas Reeves
SKU: 9781949539431


Immediate Results From the Lessons of High-Poverty, High-Success Schools

Achieve high performance for all in your school. In Achieving Equity and Excellence, author Douglas Reeves outlines how to make dramatic improvements to student learning, behaviour, and attendance in a single semester. Study the mindset of high-poverty, high-success schools and follow their example to implement the equitable and just practices necessary to make student success a sustainable reality.

  • Study the landmark research on the practices of high-performing, high-poverty schools, and discover updated research showing how these results can be applied
  • Discover what high-poverty schools do differently to achieve high performance, and learn how to implement these strategies in your classroom
  • Transform any school into an effective and productive school through learner-centered teaching
  • Learn the importance of action during the change process and why action must come before belief to implement equitable teaching practices
  • Explore effective accountability systems, the different levels of accountability, and how these systems should be implemented to meet the needs of diverse learners

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