ISBN: 9781947604773

50 Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement


ISBN: 9781947604773
Author(s) : Rebecca Stobaugh
SKU: 9781947604773


Access 50 teacher-tested instructional strategies for building a classroom culture of thinking. Engage students’ cognitive abilities and foster essential 21st century skills—from critical thinking and problem-solving to teamwork and creativity.


  • Gain an understanding of the concepts of critical thinking and cognitive engagement, as well as the relationship between the two
  • Study Bloom’s revised taxonomy, the cognitive processes associated with its various levels, and how they relate to cognitive engagement in the classroom
  • Access 50 teaching strategies for classroom engagement that will encourage the cognitive development of students and grow their critical thinking skills
  • Learn about three important aspects for sustaining classroom engagement—movement, collaboration, and media literacy—and how these connect with the 50 teaching strategies
  • Utilise effective teaching strategies and new knowledge of critical thinking and cognitive skills to build a culture of thinking in the classroom

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