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“WH” Question Scenes presents an open-ended way to reinforce your students’ ability to ask and answer “WH” questions.

Each reproducible page turns into a small, four-page booklet. The first page contains a scene. The next three pages have “Wh” questions about the scene, (Who, What, When, Where, Why). Your students practice their expressive and receptive language skills as they answer the questions (verbally or by writing). A bonus “How” question on each page offers an extra challenge!

The book has 216 total picture booklets divided into twelve themes:

  • Bugs;
  • Community;
  • Entertainment;
  • Farm;
  • Holiday/Seasonal/Special Occasions;
  • Home;
  • Occupations;
  • Outdoors;
  • Recreation and Hobbies;
  • School;
  • Space; and
  • Transportation.

It also has a blank booklet to allow the teachers, students, or parent/helper to create their own “Fold & Say,” and a parent/helper letter. 


[Code: BK276; Authors: Molly DeShong, Nancy J. Fulton, and Christina L. Haislip; Age Suitability: 3-11]

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