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100-Day Leaders



Turning Short-Term Wins Into Long-Term Success in Schools – Foreword by Michael Fullan

Within 100 days, schools have dramatically increased student achievement, transformed faculty morale and school culture, reduced discipline issues, and much more. Begin leading focused, meaningful change in your own school with the support of 100-Day Leaders by Douglas Reeves and Robert Eaker. Using this book to guide your school improvement plan, you will learn how to achieve a series of short-term wins that combine to form long-term success.

Begin a 100-day action plan for educational leadership to effect significant school improvement:

  • Become familiar with the 100-day leadership plan and the six stages of implementation
  • Understand the importance of a collaborative culture in creating strong leadership in schools
  • Develop an understanding of high-leverage leadership techniques and strategic planning
  • Study the personality traits and leadership qualities that support successful change management and school improvement
  • Access reproducible rubrics that can be used to measure progress of the 100-day leadership action plan and your school leadership development


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