Keep CoolCool Kids
 Keep Cool & Cool Kids
Reviewed by Rosa Glacken, SN Fiacra, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

These books provide teachers of classes from third to sixth with practical guidance strategies for helping students to understand what anger is, where it comes from and how to deal with it.

Keep Cool is aimed at older students.  The 'Hassle Log' is an important part of the resource as it is designed to help students learn the skills of assessing their own behaviour.

There are some games and some very good worksheets looking at choices, what makes you angry and talking through conflict.  The teachers ideas pages are very useful for planning disscussions in a structured way. The time out process is used very well and there are photocopiable certificates.

Cool Kids is aimed at five to seven year olds although I think it is more suited to first class upwards.  The emphasis is on being cool and learning the rules and tools for anger-busting.

The 'Cool Rules Rap' should appeal to this age group and there are plenty of suitable fun activities.  The activities are presented with key ideas for a list of learning steps.  There are lovely reward certificates which help children focus on their actions.

Both these books should be very appealing to teachers dealing with anger management.



Keep Cool €20 (ISBN:1 86968 0138) and Cool Kids €20 (ISBN: 1 86968 0766) are published by User Friendly Resource Enterprises Ltd. and are available from Outside the Box Learning Resources Ltd. (