101 Activities for Empathy & Awareness

101 Activities for Empathy and Awareness by Sue Jennings
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101 Activities for Empathy and Awareness by Sue Jennings 

Practical, creative and adaptable ideas that will help to foster self-awareness and empathy in children and young people, many of whom have difficulty understanding the feelings of others, resulting in their having little awareness of their own needs and the needs of people around them.


  • Ideas for changing attitudes and behaviours
  • Developing a sense of self & identity
  • Finding a voice to express needs
  • Possible choices and pathways for the future
  • Friendships & support, learning to trust others
  • Letting go of past hurts & moving on

Includes clear guidelines on application and development and a sound framework and explanation of creative and playful ways to apply these ideas.

[Author: Sue Jennings]

[Ages: 5-18]

[Published: 2013]

[Extent: A4 Photocopiable Book - 120 Pages - includes Free CD-Rom]

[CODE: HH-1331]

101 Activities & Ideas Series by Sue Jennings: