Individual Education Plans - Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

This book assists teachers develop IEPs for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties . Authors- John Cornwall and Janet Tod.
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This series about individual education plans (IEPs) focuses on significant areas of SEN as documented in the 1994 Code of Practice. It provides key principles, institutional self-reviews, and ideas for action with additional photocopiable INSET activities sheets and case studies. The series recognizes progress made since 1994 and considers IEPs as a mechanism for involving the whole school in the implementation of inclusive educational practice. Each book in the series adopts an educational model in which schools can develop integrated approaches and in which IEPs should have a genuine impact on children's learning and behaviour. This volume focuses on emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Published : 1998

Authors : John Cornwall and Janet Tod

ISBN: 97818536465215