In order to establish which tests are available to you, simply compare your training code against the product qualification code.

CL3 tests in general, are those which do not require an individual to have advanced training in assessment and interpretation. Qualified teachers would be given this code.

CL2R tests require qualified teaching status and a further Post Graduate Qualification in SEN ie Post Graduate Diploma or Masters. This qualification would need to be in SEN, SpLD or a relevant field.

CL2 tests may be purchased by individuals who are certified by a professional organisation recognised by Pearson Assessment or have a graduate and/or post graduate qualification relevant to their profession. This qualification code would encompass all psychologists other than those mentioned for CL1, speech or occupational therapists, mental health professionals and health practitioners with appropriate Graduate and professional qualifications in their field of practice.

CL1 tests can be used by:

Anyone who is registered with the HCPC as a Practitioner Psychologist and/or is a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS.
Anyone who is registered with the HCPC as a Practitioner Psychologist and also has the protected titles of Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist or Educational Psychologist.


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