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Building Bridges of Understanding


Building Bridges of Understanding is a whole-school approach to the teaching of comprehension that was devised by Dr. Ann Courtney of the University of Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Martin Gleeson, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick and nine schools in Ireland

Focus on Fluency (2nd Ed.)


Focus on Fluency provides teachers with a wealth of practical, research-based strategies and suggestions that can be used to help senior primary and junior cycle post-primary students to become more accurate, automatic and expressive readers

Parents in Partnership


 – Mapping the Way for Family, School and Community Engagement

Written by Dr Sandra Ryan and Carol Lannin, Parents in Partnership: Mapping the Way for Family, School and Community Engagement explores the links between homes and schools, the role a parent can play in the school community and how partnership between schools and families gives students the support they need to reach their full potential.

Small Changes can make BIG Differences


This book aims to support mainstream teachers in understanding the strengths and needs of children with learning difficulties.