Hinton House publishes practical, quality books and resources written by professionals for teachers and others working in the fields of education and special needs, social care and health.

With subjects ranging from reading and writing, thinking skills and drama, to emotional literacy and behaviour and classroom management, Hinton House Publications are designed to stimulate thinking, reduce workload and provide accessible practical materials for classroom and therapeutic use. Hinton House titles will provide you with resources to broaden your professional knowledge and build literacy, thinking and emotional skills in your pupils. Find out more about Hinton on the Hinton House Website.

The Hinton House publications offered by Outside The Box Learning Resources are shown below:

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101 Ideas for Increasing Focus & Motivation


The activities in this book provide a practical means of exploring the issues behind lack of focus and motivation and will help to create more organised, self-aware young people who are better equipped for the challenges they encounter in daily life.

3-Minute Motivators


– More than 200 Activities to Help You Reach, Teach and Achieve – Quick and easy group activities to increase focus, motivation and self-awareness

Anger Management Toolkit, The


 – Understanding & Transforming Anger in Children & Adolescents

Young people often express themselves through anger, in sudden outbursts with little pause for thought and out of proportion to the trigger. This innovative toolkit suggests alternative responses and ways of understanding the underlying causes, with ideas that can be adapted for individuals or groups.

ASD Girls’ Wellbeing Toolkit, The


– An Evidence-Based Programme Promoting Mental, Physical & Emotional Health

This 30-session programme aims to ensure that girls can and do develop good mental health including appropriate levels of autonomy, emotional resilience and open communication. This resource also includes a comprehensive PowerPoint Training Session for staff.

Colour Away Your Worries


 – A Calming Colouring and Drawing Book

The charming images and guided activities in this book, narrated by a friendly Worry Worm, will open up new areas for discussion in a fun format and enable young people to talk about their worries and fears.