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WWB 61What is Weaving Well-Being?

Weaving Well-Being is the first Irish designed positive mental health programme of its kind which aims to enhance well-being in children aged from 8-12 years within the framework of the SPHE curriculum.

This affordable Positive Education programme consists of 10 lessons for each class level and is grounded in evidence based interventions from the rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the science of well-being.Online Cousre ImageV2

It is underpinned by the concept that a state of well-being is not simply the absence of the negative, but the presence of the positive.

The Weaving Well-Being programme gives children the opportunity to weave positivity into their daily lives through a range of activities in a variety of areas.

These areas include identifying and using their authentic character strengths, boosting positive emotions, developing and nurturing positive relationships and connections, building practical resilience skills (including mindfulness) and developing self-efficacy through empowering beliefs.

The lessons are designed to be implemented within the framework of the SPHE curriculum. Each lesson plan includes the relevant strands and strand units for ease of planning.

A Weaving Well-Being Starter Pack is now available consisting of 1 copy of all 5 Teachers Resource Books and 1 copy of all 5 corresponding Pupil Books.

Authored by: Fiona Forman & Mick Rock - Click on the author's name for more information and to view a short movie.


I was astonished by how teacher friendly every piece of material was. The creative PowerPoints are engaging, colourful and simple to follow. The teacher’s manual was well laid out, full of information, yet easy to follow and bursting with additional ideas and extension activities. The children took great pride in their workbooks and loved completing each activity. Homework tasks allowed for discussion with parents and gave the children a platform to talk openly about concerns, difficulties and above all happy moments. - Teacher

 Such a positive programme which has had a very positive impact on my child. Fun and interesting. I also benefitted from it as a parent. - Parent

 I loved learning about it. It helps me calm down faster and makes me happy more often.- Child

Overview of Weaving Well-Being: Click HERE to view all the Weaving Well-Being Videos shot on location in schools in Ireland.

Framework of Weaving Well-Being:

The chart below shows the main topics included in the full programme from second to sixth class.

WWB Lesson Plan Table


Each class level has a Teacher Resource Book and a Pupil Book. The Teacher Resource Book contains background information, lesson plans, supplementary activities and a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson. The supplementary activities provide a wealth of opportunities for each concept to be embedded in the classroom and the whole school culture. Teachers are also provided with the opportunity to enhance their own well-being through various interventions and activities. The Pupil Book for each level builds into a highly individual and personal resource for the child’s future use. The programme is child-centred, practical and is designed to be easy to deliver in any classroom setting. Click on a cover below for more information on that title or go to the following link to order free samples of the Student Workbooks (restricted to Irish schools).

 9781906926595  9781906926601 2

Character Strengths
(2nd Class Programme)

Character Strengths
(2nd Class Programme)
 9781906926465  9781906926472 3
Positive Emotions
(3rd Class Programme)
Positive Emotions
(3rd Class Programme)
 9781906926489  9781906926496 4

Tools of Resilience
(4th Class Programme)

Tools of Resilience
(4th Class Programme)
 9781906926557  9781906926564 5

Positive Relationships
(5th Class Programme)

Positive Relationships
(5th Class Programme)
 9781906926571  9781906926588 6

Empowering Beliefs
(6th Class Programme)

Empowering Beliefs
(6th Class Programme)


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Incredible Years products are available from Outside The Box. Click on the Incredible Teachers book below and you will find information on this and all other IY products sold by OTB in Ireland.

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The Hanen Approach
Founded over 35 years ago, The Hanen Centre is a Canadian charitable organisation with a global reach. The Hanen approach has led the way in changing early language intervention by putting parents first in order to help children best.

The Hanen Centre offers a variety of resources, including guidebooks and DVDs, for helping parents and professionals promote the communication skills of young children.

Based on exhaustive research in the field of early childhood language development and intervention, Hanen resources are designed specifically for the most important people in a child’s life – their parents, caregivers and educators – to help them build communication naturally throughout the day. Speech-language pathologists and other professionals around the world incorporate Hanen resources into their work to help parents and other caregivers play a leading role in children’s early language and literacy development.

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