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Achieving Speech and Language Targets


The authors emphasise the crucial role of play in language development and the book offers more than 200 games and activities to help children achieve their targets for each stage using a simple, structured layout.

Augmentative and Assistive Communication with Children


This practical resource is designed to help the families and professionals who support children who use AAC to interact with the world around them.

Building Blocks for Communication


This practical book provides school staff with lots of LEGO activities to use with children of all ages 5 – 16 to improve communication skills.

Colourful Semantics


This is an essential pack for teachers and professionals looking to work on language development with children aged four to nine.

Communicate with Me


Communicate with Me is a resource for anyone involved in supporting children or adults with a learning disability who can facilitate change within service structures and promote good practice in their teams.

CuBIC Word Pack


The CuBIC Word Pack has 40 pages of clear and delightful illustrations with a thorough explanation about Information Carrying Words.

Developing Children’s Speech, Language and Communication Through Stories and Drama


Using drama activities based on a range of classic and modern stories, this inspiring resource uses simple, practical and effective tools to improve children’s speech, language and communication.

Developing Early Communication, Language and Learning Skills at Home


This book provides parents, teachers and therapists with a range of playful and engaging activities to consolidate and develop children’s language and communication skills at home and school.

DLD and Me: Supporting Children and Young People with Developmental Language Disorder


DLD and Me is a functional, engaging resource for children and young people with DLD and the professionals and families that work with them.

Dynamic Assessment of Language Learning, The


This practical, accessible manual for Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Educators who assess children with language impairments, explains how and why to implement Dynamic Assessment and gives you a huge range of ready-to-use, practical tools.

Language Builders for 5-11s


This invaluable book from Elklan provides detailed advice and activities to promote the communication skills of all primary school-age children.

Language Builders for Autistic Pupils


This invaluable book provides information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and gives detailed advice and activities to promote the communication and interaction skills of all verbal children with ASD.

Language Builders for Hearing Difficulties


This invaluable book from Elklan provides detailed advice and practical activities to support the communication skills of children with any degree of hearing loss ranging from mild to severe.

Language for Behaviour and Emotions


This book provides a systematic approach to developing these skills so that young people can understand and work through social interaction difficulties.

Language Kit for Primary Schools, The


The Language Kit for Primary Schools is a comprehensive toolkit that delivers group interventions in order to support language and communication in schools.

Rhodes to Language


Language activities for children aged 7-16 years

SmiLE Therapy


This book is a practical step-by-step resource, designed to guide teachers and SLTs in the delivery of SmiLE Therapy with students who have communication difficulties.

Special Learners in School Understanding Essential Concepts


This book provides a range of activities designed to engage and gradually develop children’s use of auditory and visual memory, pragmatic and sensory skills.

Stammering Resources for Adults and Teenagers


Designed for clinicians and students working with teenagers and adults who stammer, this flexible and practical book embeds an ethos of reflection and adaptation.

STAP: South Tyneside Assessment of Phonology (2012 Ed.)


This popular screening assessment from Elklan provides a profile of a child’s phonological system.

STASS: South Tyneside Assessment of Syntactic Structures (2012)


This updated version of Elklan’s very popular STASS with its new cartoon illustrations, will appeal to all.

Super Teaching


This powerful book is based on Eric Jensen’s belief that you can have a thriving classroom, one where students look forward to homework rather than complain about it, where teachers learn with students, and where each individual is heard, appreciated, and respected.

Supporting Speech, Language & Communication Needs


Designed for all those who support older children and young adults with speech and language difficulties, this resource provides ideas, practical strategies and detailed information about the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) of older students.