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Differentiation: Eight Ideas for the Classroom


Offers eight simple, easy-to-use practical ideas for helping to achieve differentiation in the classroom.

How to Manage Your Inclusive Classroom


How to Manage Your Inclusive Classroom by Cynthia Holzschuher


Ideas for Inclusion

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This book can maximise individual learning and achievement in your own classroom with these 50 strategies that cut across disability categories.

IEP Pro v.1 – Software for Schools


IEP Pro v.1 – Software for Schools

Including Every Child


Including Every Child: Integrating Children with SEN in the first two years of School by Joanne Hayselden (Previously titled: Supporting Special Children)


Inclusion Strategies That Work!

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With an interactive, teacher-friendly approach, this comprehensive handbook includes new information on national mandates affecting special education and a wealth of teaching strategies supported by the latest research.


Inclusion Toolkit Set (Book A & B)

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Inclusion Toolkit Set (Book A & B) by Jan Thorburn

Inclusive and Adaptive Teaching


Drawing on the underlying principles of inclusive education, and on curriculum and learning theories, Author Peter Westwood discusses in detail the challenge of diversity in the classroom.


Learning Styles and Inclusion

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This book, provides an overview of the different stages in the learning cycle; describes the differences between learners, and emphasises the role the classroom environment and different teaching styles play in children’s ability to learn.

Learning Support Teacher: A Practical Handbook


With a broad range of practical strategies and suggestions, this manual is designed to support the work of Learning Support Teachers(LST), especially those recently appointed to the position


Making Differentiation a Habit (includes Digital Content)

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Following on the heels of Diane Heacox’s best-selling teacher resource, Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom, this book offers new ideas, fresh perspectives, and additional research-based strategies to help teachers seamlessly integrate d

Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia


Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia by Lois Addy & Gill Dixon