Language & Auditory Processing

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120 Idioms at Your Fingertips (2018 Edition) – Now on CD


120 Idioms at Your Fingertips by June Nicols, first published in 2003. New edition 2018

2019 Hanen Calendar

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2019 Hanen Calendar – Preparing Young Children for School Success

A Language Preprimer


This book is intended to present very simple, yet significant vocabulary to young learners before they learn the words in print. Using simple pictures to portray meanings, the vocabulary covers areas, such as: Family Members Workers Animals Foods Vehicles

Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness


This 115-page photocopiable book helps children practice essential areas of phonological awareness including rhyming, sound position, syllable blending, sound patterns, discrimination, and more in a fun, exciting way!

Activities for Mastering Inferences


Activities providing lots of practice in ‘getting the hint’ from a sentence or paragraph without actually what is meant

Ask and Answer ‘WH’ Fun Sheets


This WH Fun Sheets book reinforces the WH skills children learn with their Ask and Answer® cards can be used in class or for homeworl activities.

Asking Good Questions


Teach the skill of asking good questions by incorporating “who, what, why, where, when” basic concepts, quantities, associations, color associations, vocabulary words, and thinking skills.

Asking More Specific Questions


Photocopiable worksheets providing situations where students learn to advance from general questions to very specific questions.

Attention Good Listeners


The book has terrific activities for sound and word discrimination. Easy to use, no preparation needed for lessons.

Auditory and Verbal Sequencing


Attentive listening and remembering are easy when short stories are read about delighful little cartoon characters. Little footprints guide the students to put the pictures in sequential order and to retell the stories.

Auditory Comprehension/Vocabulary Activities for Non or Minimaly Verbal Children


This resource is designed to give young non or minimally verbal children practice in comprehending sentences or questions.

Auditory Processing in Dinosaur Land


Use the enchanting settings in this book to motivate your students to listen attentively, process auditory information fully and then carry out the auditory directions accurately.