Early Years Education

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Communication Development Profile


This practical CD-ROM resource provides a simple, shared framework to help speech & language therapists work more effectively with the families, carers and teachers of children with severe and profound learning disabilities.

Early Communication Skills – 3rd Edition


Early Communication Skills, 3rd Edition by Charlotte Lynch & Julia Kidd

Early Listening Skills


This practical and comprehensive manual, for professionals working with pre-school children or the older special-needs child, offers more than 200 activities in a format designed to be photocopied for use in the classroom or for carers.

Early Movement Skills


The fifth title in the Early Skills series is designed to help anyone caring for very young children, whether in the home, school or clinic, to use movement to enhance cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Early Sensory Skills


This is a huge compendium of practical and enjoyable activities for touch, vision, taste and smell. Includes photocopiable material throughout with activity sheets, games and plenty of carryover work.

Early Visual Skills


Early Skills resource containing activities suitable for children with limited spoken language, including the deaf, sensory impaired or those with autism or learning difficulties.
Intended for professionals working with children with under-developed

Fun Deck: Busy Babies Describing Cards


This deck brings 28 baby pairs (56 cards) to your doorstep.

Interactive Stories for Early Learners


Interactive Stories for Early Learners by Denise Heald

Little Stars


Little Stars: Games and Activities to Promote Self-Esteem in 4-7 Year Olds By E A Morris

PERA: Phonics and Early Reading Assessment: Starter Set


PERA: Phonics and Early Reading Assessment: Starter Set by Colin McCarty & Kate Ruttle

Sensory Motor Activities for Early Development


This is a successful manual of tried and tested activities to develop gross and fine motor skills in children.


Sight Word Activities – Set

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A series of worksheets and activities for pre-school children to assist them recognise and use high frequency sight words . Written by Kyanne Howat and Toni Davis