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Incredible Toddlers


The Incredible Toddlers book shows you how to promote and understand your toddler’s physical, social, emotional and language development. It includes safety alerts, developmental principles, and a journal section.

Incredible Years – School Rules A4 Cue Cards (Laminated) – Set of 7


The cue cards and/or the Rules poster are used to teach the classroom rules.

Incredible Years Poster: Calm Down Thermometer


This laminated Calm Down Thermometer Poster can be used by teachers in the classroom or by therapists teaching the Dinosaur program.

Incredible Years Poster: Show Me Five


This poster can be displayed in the classroom and used in circle time to teach children each of the classroom rules and/or the “Show me five” prompt.

Incredible Years Poster: Talking Meter


Teachers can use this laminated poster to note when children talk in the classroom, to signal when noise level is getting too high, or to indicate a quiet work time.

Incredible Years Poster: Teaching Pyramid


The Teaching Pyramid Poster, as shown on the DVDs, is an ideal tool for teachers to have in their classrooms, to remember the concepts and skills they are learning in the Teacher Classroom Management workshops.

Incredible Years Posters: Special Offer Combo Set


This Introductory Special Offer includes one of each of the following: Talking Meter Poster; Calm Down Thermometer; Show Me Five; Teaching Pyramid; School Rules A4 Cue Cards X 7 (Laminated)

Incredible Years, The


This invaluable handbook provides parents with guidelines not only to help prevent behaviour problems from occurring but also with strategies to promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence.

Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior? – Complete Kit


This book provides information and strategies for distinguishing between sensory-based and non-sensory-based behaviors, as well as intervention techniques.

Molly (Girl) – Large Figurative Living Puppet (65cm)


Molly (Girl) – Large Figurative Living Puppet (65cm)

Molly & Wally Set – Large Figurative Living Puppets (65cm)


Molly & Wally Set – Large Figurative Living Puppets (65cm)

Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine: Your Activity Book to Help When Someone Has Died


Colourful workbook to help young children cope with bereavement.