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Deaf and Hearing Impaired Pupils in Mainstream Schools


This book aims to give mainstream teachers, learning support assistants and others who may meet deaf and hearing impaired pupils in school a greater understanding not only of the difficulties which these pupils may face but also of the contribution which they can make to the school then it will have fulfilled its aim.

Early Literacy Development in Deaf Children (Hardback)


In Early Literacy Development in Deaf Children, Connie Mayer and Beverly J. Trezek provide an in-depth exploration of how young deaf children learn to read and write, identifying the foundational knowledge, abilities, and skills that are fundamental to this process.

Evidence-Based Practices in Deaf Education (Hardback)


This volume presents the latest research from internationally recognised researchers and practitioners on language, literacy and numeracy, cognition and social and emotional development of deaf learners.


Issues in Deaf Education


This book offers a comprehensive account of research and issues in educational policy, psychology, linguistics and audiology, as they relate to the education of the deaf and includes detailed information about further reading.

Language Builders for Hearing Difficulties


This invaluable book from Elklan provides detailed advice and practical activities to support the communication skills of children with any degree of hearing loss ranging from mild to severe.


Language Learning and Deafness


An important collection of original papers dealing with essential issues and research in the learning of language by deaf people.


Languages and Languaging in Deaf Education


 – A Framework for Pedagogy

Languages and Languaging in Deaf Education offers a profound vision for deaf education and studies, as author Ruth Swanwick offers bold contributions towards a new pedagogical framework.

SmiLE Therapy


This book is a practical step-by-step resource, designed to guide teachers and SLTs in the delivery of SmiLE Therapy with students who have communication difficulties.

Talking In Pictures


Counselling Techniques for Children and Adolescents who find it Difficulty to Talk



Tasks Galore

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Teaching Children Who are Deafblind


 – Contact Communication and Learning

This book rewards the reader by identifying what contact, communication and learning can mean for a deafblind child.