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Group Games: Building Relationships


140 games and activities to foster personal development; improve social communication skills; and strengthen group dynamics.

Group Games: Dealing with Aggression


This title encourages participants to express their anger in a controlled environment so that they may recognise the triggers of anger and aggression and learn how to control it.

Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration


This set of seven books offers a variety of games and activities that facilitate a positive and fun learning experience for people of all ages in their emotional and behavioural development.

Groupwork with Learning Disabilities – Creative Drama


This practical manual is for anyone who has the opportunity of facilitating creative drama for people with learning disabilities.

Involving Families in Care Homes


In this accessible guide the authors take person-centred dementia care a step forward by outlining ways in which care homes can help families to become partners in the caring process.

Lifestyle Matters


Activity & Reminiscence Handbook: Hundreds of Ideas in 52 Weekly Sessions

Memory Games for Groups


This wonderfully practical handbook features 80 adaptable and photocopiable games for uses with older people, as well as individuals or groups of all ages.

Memory Joggers – Entertainers


Set of animated flash cards featuring famous Entertainers including; Bill Hayley, Frank Sinatra, The Goons, The Beatles and more….

Memory Joggers – Royalty


Set of animated flash cards featuring Royalty and Entertainers, one card per year from 1940 – 1989.

New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People, The


Once viewed as entertainment, activity provision is increasingly being seen as of therapeutic value and an integral part of quality care practice.

Non-Competitive Activity Book


This superb practical handbook contains 100 activities that are non-competitive and can be used across the whole age spectrum with individuals or groups.

Pocket Colorcards for Adults: Everyday Life


These photographic flashcards provide clear and appealing images of 40 of the most common activities for daily living.