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Activity & Reminiscence Handbook: Hundreds of Ideas in 52 Weekly Sessions


Activity & Reminiscence Handbook: Hundreds of Ideas in 52 Weekly Sessions

ColorCards: Sequences 6 & 8-step for Adults


6 and 8-step sequences photographed in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations provide excellent opportunities for language work including syntax, grammar, vocabulary and time concepts.

Communication Activities with Adults


With more than 100 graded communication activities for individuals and groups, this practical book is an excellent resource for health professionals and activity providers.

Creative Drama in Groupwork (2nd Edition)


Creative Drama in Groupwork (2nd Edition) by Sue Jennings

Creative Games in Groupwork


Presented in a format that immediately allows you to see what materials are needed, how much preparation is required and how each game is played, this book presents practical resource material in an accessible format.

Creative Music in Groupwork


This is is an inspirational manual that offers users effective ways of entering the field of music groupwork with adults of all ages and abilities.

Creative Writing in Groupwork


Bursting with more than 100 ideas and activities for encouraging creative writing as an effective activity for individuals and groups.

Depression – A Cognitive Approach


Based on cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, this resource book describes how to treat mild to moderate depression.

Essential Dementia Care Handbook: A Good Practice Guide


This new title replaces the successful ‘Working with Dementia’ which has been a vital handbook for many years for all those working with this group of clients

Famous Faces


A flexible resource for all those needing tools for memory activities, discussion and reminiscence with individuals or groups.

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Dementia


This informative manual draws on expert research to highlight the feeding and swallowing difficulties that can occur with dementia. It is also a practical guide that offers potential strategies to manage these problems

Group Activities with Older Adults


If you have responsibility for providing activities for older adults and you aren’t sure whether what you are providing is effective, or you have exhausted all your own activity ideas then this book is for you.