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Art of Caring for People with Intellectual Disabilities, The


 – Enhancing Quality of Life through Attitudes, Education and Behaviour

The Art of Caring for People with Intellectual Disabilities considers how the skills and attitudes of a carer can elevate the life of the person they care for.


Boyfriends & Girlfriends: A Guide to Dating for People with Disabilities


For teens and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, ‘Boyfriends & Girlfriends‘ explains the do’s and don’ts of dating and validates their normal, age-appropriate desire for companionship and romance.

Emotional Development and Intellectual Disability


 – A Guide to Understanding Emotional Development and its Implications

Emotional Development and Intellectual Disability recognises the complexity and importance of emotions and emotional development in the needs and lives of people with intellectual disabilities (learning disabilities) and in their care and support.


I Can Feel Good (2nd edition)


– DBT-informed skills training for people with intellectual disabilities and problems managing emotions

The purpose of this manual is to enable practitioners to deliver skills training to people with mild to borderline intellectual disabilities who have problems managing and regulating their emotions, which in turn impacts on their lives and relationships. The people who could benefit from such training may live in community settings, residential settings or secure settings.


Living Your Best Life


 – Acceptance-Based Guided Self-Help for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Living Your Best Life is an activity-based workbook that guides people with intellectual disabilities to identify what really matters to them and to live their best lives.


Mental Health Needs of Children and Young People with Intellectual Disabilities (2nd Edition)


 – A Reader for Professionals and Support Staff in Health, Education and Social Care

Originally entitled ‘Mental Health Needs of Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities’, this new 2nd edition focuses on the care and support of those with moderate and severe learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities).


Special Needs in the Classroom Series


The Special Needs in the Classroom series shows you how, with everything you need from vital background knowledge on developmental stages to practical activities to build the student’s confidence and competence with literacy or numeracy. Choose a book option below to LOOK INSIDE:

Trauma and Intellectual Disability


– Acknowledgement, Identification & Intervention

A ground-breaking book from leading experts that considers what is now known about trauma in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, explores trauma-informed care in support services and presents a diverse range of therapeutic interventions now being effectively employed to achieve better life outcomes for those affected.


Understanding and Responding to Behaviour that Challenges in Intellectual Disabilities (2nd Edition)


– A Handbook for those who Provide Support

Challenging Behaviour and People with Intellectual Disabilities (2nd edition) addresses the need for an up-to-date handbook which, while well-grounded in research and latest clinical practice, is essentially non-academic and accessible for staff occupying many roles