Q.1: How do I register?

A.1: To Register on OTBLearning:

Click on this ‘Create Account‘ link and follow the instructions.

Q.2: How do I enroll?

A.2: To Enroll on any course, you should;

After logging in, click on your chosen area (e.g. courses for reps) and then click on the course on which you wish to enroll.

Q.3: How much does it cost for each course?

Q.3: The cost of each course is €40.

Q.4: Will I receive any EPV days?

Q.4: No. As this is an online course that is offered all year round, students will not receive any EPV days. They will however receive a certificate as proof that they have completed the course.

Q.5: When can I get my certificate?

Q.5: Students will receive their certificate when all 5 modules and the short evaluation survey have been completed.