#OK2TalkIRL – 2020 Soccer Skills Virtual Event

#OK2TalkIRL – 2020 Soccer Skills Virtual Event

Dates: Start: Friday 19th June / End: To be decided

This document will be ongoing with latest information at the top each time with committee info and objectives at the bottom – so we can refer to earlier articles. Any of us can add or edit it in Google Docs. This is to promote sharing of ideas. – Link to Google Docs below:


Zoom Meeting 28/5/2020 (8pm)

  • Attending:
  • Apologies:
  • Agenda:
    • Social Media Plan – Derek/Rach + others
    • Press Release – what needs to be included (last year’s HERE as example)
    • Posters/Flyers: Needed or Not
    • Celebrity options – all
    • Finance: GoFundMe – renew or create / Finalise pricing/donation fee / Finalise Charity/charities
    • Prizes: Needed or not? – Collection of Cian Mullally Memorial Cup (2019 Winners: BM Stairlifts) & Collection of Cian Mullally Memorial Shield (2019 Winners: Kieran Maher?)
  • Action Schedule
  • AOB


Zoom Meeting 21/05/2020

Committee (13) – all contact details in WhatsApp group
Mary, Karen, Ben, Conor, Kate, Rach, Ro, Aido, Mark, Robbie, Jim, Ger, Derek
Apologies from: Ben, Kate, Aido, Mark, Robbie, Derek

Event Details:

Virtual Soccer Skills event – suitable for all ages – e.g. keepy-up heading (must be a social distancing event). Participant videos and posts to #OK2TalkIRL FB page. Starts: Friday 19th June – Ends: No set date (until fizzles out)


  1. Promote mental well-being awareness / suicide awareness
  2. Promote soccer skills
  3. Raise funds for charity
  4. Stay connected with Naas AFC members
  5. Continuity of #OK2TalkIRL events
  6. Fun for all


  • Press Release – Louise (journalist)
  • Social Media (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Snapchat) – Derek/Rach + others
  • Celebrity to kick off campaign – Niall Quinn, Robbie Keane and others? – ongoing
  • Make use of the number 4. Participants post to FB, donate 4 Euro and nominate 4 people to do the challenge (similar to ice bucket challenge)

Mental well-being charity – Samaritans Newbridge – any others?


  • Other than cup & shield – any other prizes
  • Collect Cian Mullally Memorial Cup from Brian Cooper’s winning team
  • Collect Shield from ??? – Ciaran Maher

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