Seo Linn – Intouch – Deireadh Fómhair, 2021

Review of Initial Research Studies on: Weaving Well-Being (February 2021)

W2W-A-Parent Guide

W2W-B-Parent Guide

W2W-C-Parent Guide

Language of Well-Being Posters UK

What Everybody Knows Now

Free Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Resources

WWB: 30-Day Positivity Challenge for Kids

WWB: 30-Day Positivity Challenge GOLD Cert

WWB: 30-Day Positivity Challenge SILVER Cert

WWB: 30-Day Positivity Challenge BRONZE Cert

Growth Mindset Statements Poster

WWB – Classroom Posters – N.A.B.B.

Rainbow Moments Poster

WWB – Self-Assessment

WWB – Classroom Posters – What is Well-Being

Fí na Folláine 2 (Rang a Dó: Buanna Pearsanta) – PowerPoint

Fí na Folláine 3 (Rang a Trí: Mothúcháin Dhearfacha) – PowerPoint

Fí na Folláine 4 (Rang a Ceathair: Uirlisí don Teacht Aniar) – PowerPoint

Fí na Folláine 5 (Rang a Cúig: Caidrimh Dhearfacha) – PowerPoint

Fí na Folláine 6 (Rang a Sé: Creidimh chun Cumasaithe) – PowerPoint

WWB: Return to School

W4W: Return to School

The Relaunch – Back to School After COVID-19 Restrictions (Guidance from PSI)

Stop Think Do Module 1 PowerPoint download

WWB Course Materials including PowerPoint links

WWB – Module 1 PDF

WWB-2nd (Pages 1-3)

Mindfulness Switch

Introduction to Resilience

Character Strengths

Rainbow Moments

WWB-Parent Introductory Letter

Look for Win Wins

Act as If(3)


Intouch Review – Involving children in self assessment (SALF)

Aistear – Self-assessment (Page 81)

Aistear – Assessment (Pages 72-73)

Assessment Guidelines – Questioning – Bloom’s Taxonomy (Page 86-90)

Assessment Guidelines – Questioning (Page 42)

Closer look at AfL and Aol



Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life

Salamanca Report

STD-Cool, Weak, Aggro for 8-10

STD-Cool, Weak, Aggro for 10–12

STD-Lessons for 10–12

STD-Lessons for 8–10


Dweck Mindset Instrument

Positive Psychology Progress Empirical Validation of Interventions

WWB-Whole School Guide

WWB-Parent Introductory Letter

WWB – Overview and Implementation Guide PP


Conundrum 1:  INTO Puzzle Page (APR 2015)V1_ANSWERS

Conundrum 2: INTO Puzzle Page (APR 2017) with Answers

Conundrum 3: INTO Puzzle Page (Nov 2017) Answers


Puzzle Page 1: PUZ 1 ANS

Puzzle Page 2: INTO Puzzle Page (NOV 2013) (with answers)



Conundrum INTO Fun page – (Answers) : INTO Puzzle Page (NOV 2018) ANSWERS

Conundrum INTO Fun page – (Without Answers) :INTO Puzzle Page (NOV 2018) Without Answers


Friendly Schools Plus Flyer: Friendly School Flyer Plus-IRELAND – JUNE 2019 (Cropped)

Helpful Handbooks Flyer: Helpful Handbooks flyerA4-low res


Rachel Allen Rachel Allen Brochure (October 2019)

Afasic Checklist for Ages 4 to 5 Years: Afasic_Checklist_4-5_year_olds

Afasic Checklist for Ages 6 to 10 Years: Afasic_Checklist_6-10_year_olds

Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life: The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011-2020 (© Department of Education and Skills, Ireland – Published 2011)

Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum: Guidelines for Schools ©NCCA 2007

Educational Provision and Support for Persons with ASD – Report of the Task Force on Autism (2001) – ©Department of Education and Skills, Ireland 2001

+ Autism Task Force Appendices (2001) (2001)

An Evaluation of Educational Provision for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders 2006: A Report by the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Science – ©Department of Education and Skills, Ireland 2006

Evaluating Provision for Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Schools (2005) – ©Department of Education Northern Ireland & Department of Education & Skills Ireland 2006

An Evaluation of Education Provision for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland – ©NCSE 2016

Leo Kanner Biography

Hans Asperger Biography


Balanced psychology and a full life