Strum Along 2 Workbook

Strum Along 2, a follow-on to Strum Along 1, is a comprehensive guitar tutor for beginners featuring folk songs in Keys A, E, C, G Aminor and Eminor.
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Learn to play the Guitar9781906926342 e Book

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Strum Along 2 written by Irish authors Julie Ryng and Nina Garvey, is a follow up to Strum Along 1. This book presents songs in the keys of A, E, C, G, Aminor and Eminor. Utilising well known folk songs, it presents a variety of strumming and finger picking styles which are taught in detail in Strum Along 1. 

On completion of this book, the learner will

  • have a repertoire of songs in the keys of A, E, C, G Aminor and Eminor.
  • have the understanding necessary to transpose keys to suit vocal range
  • Have a solid grounding in the three chord trick which will facilitate the selection of chords by ear for other songs of choice

Index of Lessons in Strum Along 2: 

  • Key A, the three chord trick
  • Oh Susanna! Key A
  • Camptown Races Key A
  • Li’l Liza Jane A
  • How major chords are constructed
  • Naming the notes on your guitar
  • The Whistling Gypsy Key E
  • Red River Valley Key E
  • Tablature and bass runs
  • Techniques
  • My Bonnie lies over the Ocean Key E
  • The Mermaid Key E
  • Construction of minor chords
  • The Drunken Sailor Key A minor
  • Hard Times Come again no more Key G
  • Castle of Dromore Key G
  • Bar chords
  • Home on the Range E (bar chords)
  • Using a capo
  • Black Velvet Band Key C
  • Tá na Báid Key F#minor (capo on 2nd fret)
  • Silent night Key G Away in a Manger Key C
  • Chord diagrams of the chords of keys D,A,E,G,C including minors

Authors: Julie Ryng and Nina Garvey

Published: 2011

Extent: A4 Book (24 Pages)

ISBN: 9781906926342