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Here you can try out one of the ten lessons in the Weaving Well-Being Tools of Resilience (4th Class) Programme.

Lesson 2 is called The Jigsaw of Perspective. In this lesson children learn that, although they may sometimes feel overwhelmed by small disappointments, they can help themselves recover by using the Jigsaw of Perspective. The children create their Jigsaw of Perspective by drawing or writing all the good things about their lives on a blank jigsaw. They leave the middle piece blank, and write ‘My Problem’ on it. When they lack perspective about a worry, their jigsaw provides a visual reminder of all the things that are still good in their lives. This helps each child to see the big picture of their lives, not just the problems. Deliberately thinking of, and appreciating, the positive aspects of life has been shown to help foster resilience.

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Click on the PowerPoint logo above or click HERE for PowerPoint Lesson Plan for The Jigsaw of Perspective.

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Click HERE to download Teacher's notes, supplementary worksheets and Clasroom Poster for Lesson 2 - Jigsaw of Perspective.

Click HERE to view sample of what a Pupil book might look like when a child has completed the year programme from including Lesson 2 (below) - Jigsaw of Perspective. - Page 6

Jigsaw of Perspective Child Sample


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