Supporting Children at Home during the Latest Lockdown

New from Fiona Forman Well-Being

Our free 30-Day Positivity Challenge for Kids aims to support children’s well-being during the current period of school closures by providing them with a range of feel-good activities to try out at home. Parents or guardians can download the pdf and children can choose an activity to do each day and cross it off as they do it. Children might like to create a Positivity Folder to keep all of their work in. They could also take photos of their challenges to keep a digital record. Parents or guardians can download an award certificate as children progress through the challenges as follows:

  • 10 Challenges – Bronze Award
  • 20 Challenges – Silver Award
  • 30 Challenges – Gold Award

Click on the chart and the certificates below to download them as pdfs ready for printing or sharing.

Best of luck to everyone with the challenges!

New from Creative Mindfulness by Louise Shanagher

Click on the image below to access these Creative Mindfulness FREE Resources:


Teachers and parents are also invited to download the two FREE, extremely practical, resource packs for teachers – one for primary and one for secondary below. Both are grounded in evidence-based interventions from the rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the science of well-being. Each pack contains five activities, each focussing on five simple messages. Click on the Primary or Secondary cover below to access these free e-Book resources.


Return to School with Weaving Well-Being

    1. Covid-19: It’s Time to Tell Your Story
    2. All Feelings are OK
    3. Notice the Good Stuff
    4. Everything You Need is Inside You
    5. Look Back, but Move Forward


Return to School with Wired for Well-Being

    1. Your Story Matters
    2. Put Your Well-Being First
    3. It’s OK not to Feel OK
    4. Don’t Just Go Through It, Grow Through It
    5. Look Back, but Move Forward

Both packs are underpinned by the following recently published documents:

Both of these resources are a follow on from a free mental well-being journal for kids published and made available to parents called ‘At Home with Weaving Well-Being’. More information on this at www.otb.ie/wwb.home. All of these free journals are derivatives of two positive psychology, well-being school programmes for Irish schools, details as follows:

Other Useful Online Well-Being Resources

Online Well-Being Course for Teachers (Primary)

Creative Mindfulness by Louise Shanagher

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180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators

€ 26.95

Rely on 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators to help you lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life inside and outside of the classroom.


Beating the Blues

€ 20.00 – € 35.00

Rob Long’s Beating The Blues is designed to help students to better understand the emotions that can overwhelm them in their teenage years, take ownership and look for ways to resolve their own emotional problems.


Calm Cards for Teens (Cards)

€ 14.71 – € 127.39

The Calm Cards for Teens cards set consists of ten beautifully illustrated (graffiti-style) laminated cards designed to promote positive mental health for teens (13 to 17 year-olds).


Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

€ 25.00 – € 65.00

With the support of this Healthy Eating, Healthy Living series, schools and teachers can empower their students to make informed decisions about what they eat and do. Activities are designed to incorporate good diet and exercise into students’ daily routine, working in partnership with their families wherever possible.


Helpful Handbooks for Parents, Carers and Professionals

€ 7.95 – € 65.00

This contemporary series of 10 handbooks (A5) covers a range of topics about the social and emotional challenges that a young person may encounter.


Just Being Me

€ 20.00 – € 35.00

Kindfully Me Series

€ 9.95 – € 26.85

The ‘Kindfully Me’ series consists of three colourfully illustrated children’s books that introduce children to practices of mindfulness, kindness, compassion and gratitude.


Life Skills

€ 14.76 – € 75.00

Magic Word Cards

€ 14.71 – € 127.39

Making Safe and Healthy Choices

€ 25.00 – € 65.00

This series encourages students to develop awareness of the choices they face and supports them in identifying and making ones that are safe and healthy.


Positive Schools: Fostering School-Wide Learning and Developing

€ 25.00 – € 45.00

This Positive Schools series presents a holistic approach to improving behaviour and learning in a school, with a clear focus on changing and developing school culture.

Select a book from the dropdown menu to LOOK INSIDE:


Positively Me: A Self-Esteem Programme for Teachers and Students

€ 25.00 – € 40.00

Work side by side with Positively Me – this self-esteem programme for teachers and students encourages a high degree of active participation from both. It provides teachers with activities and games that help students develop an understanding of self-esteem.

Select a book from the dropdown menu to LOOK INSIDE:


Tales with a Tip

€ 20.00 – € 35.00

Teaching Values Through Fairy Tales

€ 14.76 – € 55.00

Teaching Values through Fairytales – photocopiable teacher resource books for use with children aged 7 to 10.


Welcome to Well-Being: Meet Mo & Ko (Junior Infants)

€ 4.95 – € 44.55

The theme of the programme is that two little aliens called Mo and Ko have come from the planet Zo to help children to feel happy, strong, kind and brave, loving and well. Select the Teacher Book or Pupil Book from the ‘Choose an Option’ below to LOOK INSIDE:


Wired for Well-Being

€ 4.95 – € 49.95