Founded over 35 years ago, The Hanen Centre is a Canadian charitable organization with a global reach. The Hanen approach has led the way in changing early language intervention by putting parents first in order to help children best.
The Hanen Centre offers a variety of resources, including guidebooks and DVDs, for helping parents and professionals promote the communication skills of young children.

Designed specifically for parents of children with language delays, the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook and DVD show you practical ways for turning everyday activities in to rich learning opportunities for your child to help him build strong language skills.

Designed to help parents of children on the autism spectrum address their child’s specific needs, the More Than Wordsguidebook and companion DVD equip you with practical strategies for building your child’s communication and social skills during everyday routines and play.

For parents of verbal children with high-functioning autism, including Asperger Syndrome, the TalkAbility™ guidebook shows you how to use your child’s unique interests to help him build stronger social skills.

If you consult to educators in early childhood settings, the Learning Language and Loving It guidebook and DVD may be shared with educators to help them create the enriched and inclusive learning environments necessary to foster the social, language and literacy development of preschool children.