Friendly Schools Plus Series

The Friendly Schools Plus teaching and learning resources for 4 to 14 year old students use a strengths-based approach that focuses on what creates positive health rather than emphasising risk factors or causes of ill-health. It is designed to address three key aspects of students’ school experiences shown to be related to improved social and emotional development: promoting positive peer relationships, promoting positive teacher-child relationships, and explicit teaching related to emotions, social knowledge and social skills. These resources aim to develop students’ social and emotional competencies to enable them to recognise and control their emotions; build positive relationships; show consideration for others; make thoughtful and sensible choices; and cope successfully with difficult situations.

Friendly Schools Plus Classroom Resources for 4–11 year olds

The Friendly Schools Plus Classroom Resources for 4–11 year olds. The five social and emotional learning areas provide the framework for the explicit teaching of social and emotional skills in each classroom resource across ages 4 to 11. The sections are divided into the five key areas, which are each developed into a sequence of learning focus:

  • Implementation continued
  • Key area 1: Self-awareness
  • Key area 2: Self-management
  • Key area 3: Social awareness
  • Key area 4: Relationship skills
  • Key area 5: Social decision-making

Friendly Schools Cyber Leader Handbooks

Students over 14 years were found to respond less to cyber safety lessons in the classroom, but rather expressed a genuine concern and interest in being involved as leaders in school initiatives to address cyber issues. The role of these students as leaders, encouraging and enabling other young people to use technology in positive ways, was found to have had positive outcomes for both the student leaders and their peers.

Friendly Schools Posters

Help your students create a bully-free environment with a set of 9 posters. Each one follows the THINK, PLAN, TALK theme and walks students through different aspects of dealing with bullying, such as determining what bullying is, developing a plan for dealing with it, understanding who they can talk to about it and what to do if others are being bullied.

Friendly Schools Plus Flyer

Friendly Schools Plus Flyer