INSPECTION REPORT – DES (Summer 2021) – exact transcript


The course no 1141 outlines how to implement the Weaving Well-being programme in primary schools. Weaving Well-Being is a mental health programme which focuses on teaching children how to use positive psychology to enhance their well-being.


The overall quality of the course is very good. The course content is of a very high quality. Participants are provided with clear explanation of positive psychology and practical activities that can be applied in primary classrooms, and indeed outside of the classroom. The course covers content which is specifically aimed at children in the senior classes, but many of the activities and concepts have wider application. It reflects contemporary thinking on supporting well-being and building resilience in children. There are very clear links made between the course content and the primary school curriculum.

The participants’ learning experience is very good. Lessons are presented in an attractive, consistent manner. Modules begin with clear objectives, and assignments are closely linked to content covered. There are a range of methodologies used to support learning. The addition of videos clips were a useful addition as they provide participants with additional time to explore new concepts and consider how to use them in a classroom. The forum is carefully monitored by the tutor and timely feedback is given to a number of contributions. The e-tutor effectively manages and leads participants in their learning through forum postings.

Course management is very good. The course is designed very effectively and it is easy to navigate. Progression from each module is contingent on the completion of an assignment and a forum posing. The course organisers should explore how to increase the efficacy of the log as a reminder of the salient points of the course and a starting point to participants when they return to school.

The course deals very effectively with national priorities of School Self-Evaluation and wellbeing themes. The course encourages participants to use the six stage process of School Self-Evaluation in order to reflect on how to use this new learning within their teaching. The programme is closely aligned to the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice.

Summary of Main Findings and Recommendations


  • The course content is clearly explained in an organised and attractive manner.
  • Learner experiences are high as there are a range of methodologies used in explaining and exploring the concepts.
  • The course is very well managed and is designed to ensure participants engage with the material at the appropriate pace, the role of the learning log should be further enhanced.


  • To consider how to enhance the role of the learning log, so that participants can use information gathered during the course to support them in using the programme.

Date: October 2021