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Classroom Quiz Time


Classroom Quiz Time is a two-book series containing a wide-ranging array of quizzes designed to develop and assess students’ general and subject-specific knowledge. Choose a single-book option from the dropdown menu to look inside.

Let’s Get Quizzical


Thematic quizzes and research activities for primary students

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Quirky Quizzes for Lively Libraries


Quizzes & Puzzles for use by Teachers in Library Time. Choose a book option below to LOOK INSIDE:

Super Starters


This two-book photocopiable series from the experienced and popular author Peter Clutterbuck is designed to support teachers in situations where they find themselves having to focus or ‘ground’ students at the start of lessons before meaningful learning can occur.
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Think Tanglers


– P4C – Philosophy for Children – Cards for Thinking Together

Think Tanglers are a set of cards containing lots of tangled questions to provoke thinking. The cards are designed to promote both an immediate response and further enquiry. The cards are suitable for ages 7 to adult.