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Dramatic Shorts: An Anthology of Plays


Written by playwright, Susan Battye, the Dramatic Shorts: An Anthology of Plays series focuses on a collection of short stage plays that can be easily staged in a school or drama club setting. This progressive series is packed with activities that will encourage teenage students of English and Drama to read, present and respond to plays

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Finding Your Way with……. (English Series)


The extremely popular ‘Finding Your Way’ series provides students and teachers with activity-based resource books on a number of English topics. The focus in all books is to provide practical, activity-based challenges that encourage problem-solving, independent learning and cooperative work. There are six books in total in the series.

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Reading Dialogues


Each book in the Reading Dialogues series contains a series of ‘dialogues’ or short plays which are intended to be read aloud in small groups, and then discussed. The dialogues are tailored to different language levels in both books and are interesting, challenging and above all, fun.

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